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In 1991 I revisited Vietnam after a 24-year absence. Despite the trauma of war and ongoing poverty, I was struck by the optimism and resilience of the Vietnamese people as well as their entrepreneurial spirit. Here are some of the images I captured. Click on image to view large version.

The proprietor of a sidewalk "restaurant" on Lam Son Square

A cyclo driver asleep on the former Tudo Street

College girls in traditional ao dai by the former Hotel de Ville

Former ARVN soldiers by the Rex Hotel

Another Tudo Street cyclo driver (by the Majestic Hotel)

Veteran bargirls hoping for better days (in a bar off Tudo Street)

Senior bartender (rooftop lounge of the Rex Hotel)

Cigarette vendor along a "highway" leading out of Saigon

A monk buying flowers at the Ben Thanh market

The modern "cowgirls" of Saigon by the former presidential palace

Fruit vendor at the Ben Thanh market

Enjoying a coke and a smoke outside the Rex Hotel

Lunch time on Lam Son Square

Cyclo drivers playing "checkers" on Tudo street

Enjoying a bowl of hearty noodles on Lam Son Square

Former ARVN officers recently released from "re-education" camp

Silent reflection looking out over Lam Son Square

Some Dunhill cigarettes convinced these farmers I was not Russian

And Grandpa finally got to take a long-needed break (Cu Chi area)

But this young farmer remained suspicious of me (Cu Chi area)

Especially when I asked to marry his pretty sister (Cu Chi area)

How come I don't get a cigarette break? (Cu Chi area)

The Future of Vietnam

© Copyright 2000-2001 Jack Walraven, All Rights Reserved.
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